Introducing Life on the Ridge

I purchased the property on Tucker Ridge in October 2014 and relocated from the Pocono Mountain area of northeast Pennsylvania in October of 2015.

John Floyd

John Floyd

The move north was the culmination of a long held dream to leave the hustle and bustle of the greater New York City and Philadelphia suburbs and live a simpler, more peaceful life. Tired of constantly chasing a dollar, I closed my business in Pennsylvania and decided to take Maine up on its challenge of “The way life should be”.

Life on Tucker Ridge is as challenging as it is rewarding; the nearest town with a viable economic center is a 40 minute drive in good weather. With two roads and no stop signs, the population on Tucker Ridge swelled to 85 during the 2010 census.

When things break we have to fix them and help at the end of a 911 call is sure to be a long wait. The weekly grocery trip is a full day commitment and if something is forgotten, we just go without. We heat our home with wood we cut, receive 4 channels over our television’s antenna and live close to the bone.

We do it by choice and wouldn’t change a thing.

John is a former Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army and was Honorably Discharged after an 8 year career in 2003. Holding Military Occupational Specialties in Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery and Military Police, John has spent the majority of his time in service in the field. As a Non-Commissioned Officer, one of John’s primary duties was mentoring and training.

John is a NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and is currently preparing for the Maine Guide licensing exam.

John is the owner of Tucker Ridge Outdoors in Webster Plantation, ME.

John Floyd

About John Floyd

John is a freelance writer and lives in northeast Maine. His background includes work as a hunting and fishing guide, certified firearms instructor and as a United States Army Non-commissioned Officer. He covers outdoors topics and the politics and policies that affect traditional, rural lifestyle. He can be reached at or on Facebook @writerjohnfloyd